How to find extra space in your small Bathroom.

Think you can't create that "spa look" in your small bathroom space? Think again! Here are 3 steps that will give your bathroom that "spa look" without sacrificing your space.

Like most of us the bathroom is the sacred space in our homes, is where we get the most piece and quiet! The first place we step in when we wake up and the last place we go before hitting the sheets! Is where our blow dryer resides and everyday toiletries are stored. Face it, it's our everyday Salon and Spa. If you're like me and live in a small NYC apartment chances are your bathroom does not look like the "spa like" bathrooms in those pretty suburban homes. You know, the ones with the beautiful soaking tubs, double vanities and the spacious linen closets. However just because our bathrooms are small does not mean we shouldn't have the luxury and space to store all of our favorite toiletries. Here are 3 steps to create extra space with the space you already have and give your bathroom the "spa look" with zen vibes!

First step, get organize! When we think about extra space most of us think in terms of square footage. More square footage equals more space, right? Not exactly, what we forget is that organization equals more space. When everything in the bathroom has a home you can maximize the remainder of the space.Starting with a blank canvas will not only let you view your space in a different light but it will also get you inspired to create your new vision.Start by removing every single item from your bathroom and organize by categories. For example all shower items together, hair products together, skin products together, you get the point! Designate a space for each category. One of our favorite tools to stay organize are baskets. Baskets not only help you keep your bathroom essentials tidy but they're also economical.

Second step, Finding space in your walls! Most of us forget that our walls can create extra space.

Shelfs are a great decorative tool to create storage space. There are many sizes and styles of shelfs, which for some of us it can be over whelming to make a choice.The square footage of your bathroom will help you select the right size of shelf. Now, to create your "spa like" bathroom the usage of natural materials will help you achieve that look. Floating wood shelfs will give you the storage space you need while still keeping a minimal look, remember less is more!

Third step, it's the little details that count! What exactly are the details? The details should be the last touches that will complete your bathroom and personalize your space. To create the "spa look" choosing neutral colors for your shower curtains, bathmats, towels and even vases will give your bathroom an airy look thats feels more spacious. If you are like us and love to add a pop of color to your space the use of greenery is a great way to add brightness and life to your bathroom. Snake plants are a great choice since they filter the air and require very little maintenance. Another important detail is scented candles and diffusers. They set the mood while also giving you the spa look and zen feel. Last but not least is art, choosing a piece of art will be the finishing touch to personalize your space. Now you can sit back, relax and enjoy your very own spa!

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